Holiday Scratch Off Cards

Add some scratch off fun to your holiday retail & restaurant promotions

Custom scratch off cards for the holidays are a phenomenal retail and restaurant promotion.  A scratch off contest adds to the festive nature of the holiday, increases foot traffic to your store, and scratch off cards exponentially increase your sales revenues for that holiday month. Give away anything from a percentage off their next purchase with you, to company logo items, or entries into a main grand prize.  Black Friday, Halloween, Back to School, St. Patrick's Day, Advent calendars, Labor Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day....whatever the holiday, we can create a scratch off promotion for you!  Double the fun for your customers and increase your retail sales during the holidays with a scratch off card that's either handed out the month of that holiday or included with your online orders.


Sample Holiday Scratch Off Cards

A little information about our scratch offs...



• No quantity minimum for any size card

• No charge for generating variable data

• No charge for multiple prize versions

• No charge for multiple scratch off areas

• No charge for custom scratch off shapes

• No set up fee

• Free graphic design on orders of 500+ cards

• No rush charges for custom scratch off cards

• Quantity: No minimum! Up to 2 million cards

• Size: Any size and any shape

• Popular Sizes: 2.25" x 3.5", 3" x 5", & 4" x 6"

• Prizes: Text, codes, barcodes, graphics

• Any # of prize versions you want

• Variable data printing

• No charge for generating data

• Supply your data or we can generate the data

• Secure scratch off latex ink

• Die cut & perforated

• We print in any language

• UV gloss or matte coating

• Complete graphic design services

• 1 week or less turnaround time


• Guaranteed global shipping with UPS

• Quotes are returned within 24 hours


Our ink covers your prizes and data completely and scratches off clean.  Don't cover your prizes and important data with a label that can peel off, be tampered with, or otherwise compromised.  No matter how strong a label is, it can never compare to the security a latex ink offers.

What are the biggest retail shopping holidays…and how are you positioning yourself for them?  Here are the top 11 retail holidays based on total spending.  Adding a scratch off card to your marketing mix for any of these holidays is guaranteed to increase foot traffic into your location and boost overall sales revenue for the entire month of that holiday.  Not only that, it's easy to create a scratch off promotion for you that is custom designed with your logo, graphics, theme, and prizes.  Whether you're looking for 500 cards for a single location or up to 1 million cards for a national chain - no order is too small or too large for us to print, collate, pack and drop ship to your store or restaurants for the holidays!



Total spending: $682 billion

Why is this the biggest sales period? 20% of all retail sales for the year are done by people shopping for Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.  Running a Black Friday scratch off contest, followed by a winter scratch off promotion that runs the entire month of December is a surefire way to end the year with record breaking sales!



BACK TO SCHOOL: $30-55 billion

MOTHER’S DAY: $24 billion

EASTER: $18 billion

VALENTINE’S DAY: $18 billion

FATHER’S DAY: $16 billion

SUPER BOWL: $14 billion

HALLOWEEN: $9 billion

4TH OF JULY: $7 billion

GRADUATION: $5 billion

ST. PATRICK’S DAY: $5 billion


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