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Scratch Off Works specializes in scratch off safety promotions and scratch off employee incentives.  This is what you know us for and what we have built our business on over the years.  During this pandemic, we felt we really needed to step up and do more to help keep our clients' facilities and staff safe.  We're living in unprecedented times right now and we believe it's up to each of us to protect each other and get through this pandemic safely.


Our award winning design team has created over 50 different social distancing decals to help keep your business or school open and operating safely. We have social distancing floor decals, one way only decals that will control traffic flow, keep right decals, bilingual social distancing stickers, and a huge selection of wear a mask signs for your windows and doors.


These safety decals make a big difference! They add one more layer in your safety arsenal to help decrease the spread of Covid-19 in your facility and community. Use to implement 6 feet social distancing, control the direction of traffic in your halls and on stairs (definitely don't forget about the traffic on your stairs!), and they can be used as window and door signs to let employees and customers know your mask policy.


Our social distancing decals are commercial grade, waterproof, repositionable vinyl decals.  We can customize the safety decals with your company's colors, name and logo.  If you're ordering the decals without customization, we have a secure online store where you can place your order and we will process and ship everything within 24 hours!  If you have questions, please call or email us anytime.



All orders ship within 24 hours!

social distancing decals for floors • one way only decals for stairs and hallways

bilingual social distancing stickers • wear a mask signs for windows and doors

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