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Scratch off safety programs are an affordable and effective way to improve workplace safety!

August 22, 2015

Cleveland, OH --Scratch Off Works specializes in scratch off safety programs.  Used to improve productivity, morale, and decrease workplace injuries - these safety incentives start to work almost immediately.  This is a powerful safety program for your company because it produces results fast by immediately rewarding safe behavior.



Scratch off safety incentive programs reduce accidents and create a positive and permanent safe environment!  All you have to do is identify the goals you want to achieve and whatever behavior patterns you want to improve. Then make these the qualifications for earning a safety scratch off card.  Get your managers involved and promote the contest in your morning meetings and with posters.  Employees are rewarded with a card by their manager each time they are observed exhibiting positive and safe behavior.  For example, if a manager sees an employee clean up a spill or if the person is injury free for the week, that person receives a card.  What you are doing is rewarding safety in the workplace and encouraging positive behavior and teamwork each time you hand out a card.  Because cards are constantly handed out, it keeps safety in the minds of the employees - they never forget.  The prizes the employees can win can be anything from points, cash, company merchandise, gift cards, a paid day off, or even an extra 15 minute coffee break.  The scratch off safety cards can also be scratched off to reveal letters that when collected, spell out a safety phrase of your choice.  The overall value of the prizes themselves don't matter as much as the instant recognition of being appreciated for doing something good - because that is what makes this program so effective.



Employee accident prevention

Reduced lost time and days from work

Lower insurance premiums

Increased savings on Worker's Compensation insurance

Increased safety awareness

Increased respect in the workplace

Improved morale

Increased productivity and revenues for your company!


We can design a scratch off safety program for you.   For more information or to receive a sample package of scratch off incentives, please contact us.




Chrys Kozak, Vice President

(440) 333-4302





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