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Scratch Off Works specializes in superior scratch off promotions for companies and ad agencies of all sizes, around the world.  What makes scratch offs special?  Adding a scratch off to your marketing materials immediately makes the piece experiential, encouraging people to read your material and interact with it.  Which improves brand awareness and the effectiveness of your promotion.  If you're looking for fresh marketing ideas and a promotion that works, you've come to the right place!  There are an infinite number of ways to use custom scratch offs.  Please call us and we'll be happy to talk to you, answer your questions, and send some scratch off samples to you.



scratch off promotions

Custom scratch off cards for Coors Light that were used as a game day promotion for a sports team.
Goodwill Industries used our scratch off cards as a retail promotion over Halloween to promote their stores.

We print so many different types of custom scratch off promotions for such a wide range of industries, it's hard narrowing down what we think were some of the best.  In fact, it created some pretty heated debates in our office with everyone lobbying for the ones they thought should win.  All our scratch off contests, whether they're used as a fundraiser, retail sales promo, or a national branding campaign - they all produce results.  They're all memorable and unique.  So if we're being honest, every scratch off we've printed are winners to us.  The cards we're picking here are just 5 of the ones we had a lot of fun working on and we'd love to share them with you!


Fosters Beer used our custom scratch offs as a bar contest.
Disney used Scratch Off Works to print their scratch off cards to promote their Aladdin merchandise sales.




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