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We have worked with over 500 Chambers of Commerce helping them with their annual golf events!

Scratch Off Works is a proud member of the Rocky River Chamber of Commerce.  The value chambers bring to entrepreneurs and local businesses is profound.  Our Fantasy Golf Cards have helped chambers raise money, attract sponsorship, and increase awareness of their organization at their annual golf tournament and monthly meetings.  With 5 printed Fantasy Golf cards and custom scratch offs to choose from, we have something for every size event and budget.

The Chamber Card: Scratch Off Golf Cards

This is brand new for 2019! We took our best selling and most requested 18 hole golf fundraiser and created a custom card exclusive to US and Canadian Chambers of Commerce!  It plays the same as the 18 Hole Fantasy Golf Card, but with a brand new look. The cards ship directly off our shelves to you within 24 hours!

Sell them throughout the day or at the banquet like you would a raffle ticket: 1 for $5 or 3 for $10.


Order 250 generic cards for $150.

Resell for $5/card and you will raise $1,250!

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Scratch off golf cards used as fundraisers at charity and corporate golf events.
#1 Chamber card: 18 Hole Generic Fundraisers

The generic 18 Hole scratch off cards and the custom 18 Hole scratch off cards are our most popular fundraisers with the chambers. 18 Hole cards ship the same day they're ordered, so you're guaranteed to have cards in time for your golf tournament.  Sell them throughout the day or at the banquet like you would a raffle ticket: 1 for $5 or 3 for $10.


Order 250 generic cards for $150.

Resell for $5/card and you will raise $1,250!

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18 Hole Custom Fantasy Golf Fundraisers

A lot of tournaments will order our generic Fantasy Golf Cards the first year, but once their members see them, they get requests to advertise on it next year.  This is why we offer a custom version!


The scratch off side remains the same, but on the flip side, the sky is the limit!  Fill it up however you want: multiple sponsor' logos, coupons, advertisements, golf course photos, charity information, membership information, etc.  The price for customizing is the same whether you have one sponsor or ten!  We can design the card for you or use your artwork.  Custom cards are ready to ship within a 3-5 days.




Got sponsors? The Fairways Card gives you more room for more ads and logos!

After seeing the reaction they got from their sponsors wanting to advertise on the 18 Hole cards, a lot of the chambers we've worked with over the years started asking us to come up with a new scratch off golf fundraiser that would give them even more space to customize for multiple sponsors.  So we designed the Fairways card!  It gives you a new way to play the game (you scratch off the greens instead of the holes) and A LOT more room for sponsors.


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For monthly meetings & networking happy hours: 9 Hole Scratch Off Cards help break the ice & raise money at the same time!


The 9 Hole cards were created for smaller size tournaments and events.  These can be shipped generic or we can customize them with one of your members' company logos and information.  Have your monthly meetings raise money for your organization or charity!



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Fundraiser booster: Longest Drive/Closest to the Pin Cards

If you're already ordering our 18 Hole scratch off cards or the Fairways card for your event, this is a great add on that will really boost your fundraising for the day.  This card features 2 games that are fun and easy to play...and even easier to sell!  Sell throughout the day on the drink cart or sell them at lunch. This card gives you that little extra boost that will help you surpass your fundraising goals for your tournament!



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Winter months: Custom scratch off fundraisers!

When your tournament is over and you're looking for new ways to raise money from your members and community, we'll help you run a custom scratch off fundraiser.  This is an unbeatable way to raise money 4-6 months after your tournament. Include sponsors like you did with the Fantasy Golf Cards and sell these cards for a chance to win donated items from your sponsors.  It's a fun and easy fundraiser - sell cards at your monthly meetings.  Have your members sell them to their customers in their stores.  Advertise the contest on your Facebook and Twitter feeds to involve the whole community.





Printed Fantasy Golf cards used at your golf tournament, combined with a custom  scratch off card 4-6 months later, is an unparalleled fundraising strategy!



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