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 Case Study: Goodwill Industries of Central Iowa SCRATCH OFF RESULTS Goodwill posted a 46% increase the Friday the cards were used versus their current trend. They had 16 out of 18 stores show better than a 25% increase. The managers were so impressed, they want to use another scratch off at Thanksgiving.

How they were used: Scratch off cards were handed out to customers with the goal of increasing retail sales and foot traffic in the stores over the July 4th holiday.  They definitely did based on the results above!



The prizes: Every card was a winner.

$50 gift card

$2 off $15 purchase

$3 off $15 purchase

$5 off $15 purchase

$5 off $20 purchase



Logistics: The scratch off cards were collated into 18 bundles so each location received 1 package of cards with a specific distribution of prizes for their store.

1 week turnaround time for all scratch off promotions. Free design services & proofs! 1.440.333.4302
Seasonal Promotions: It's a retail contest + Goodwill fundraiser all in one! Use scratch offs as a seasonal retail promotion AND a fundraiser at the same time! HOW IT WORKS: When the people walk in the store &/or when they check out, they're asked to buy a card. Sell them for $1-$5 per card, it's up to you! The people buying the cards are basically making a donation to your Goodwill, but they also get to scratch off for a chance to win a gift card or a % off their purchase that day. This is what encourages them to buy the card! We offer free design services. We'll collate the cards into sets for each of your stores and drop ship the cards to each location for you. Turnaround time is 1 week from start to finish!
How much money can a scratch off contest raise? A LOT!!!!!

5,000 cards cost $745

Resell for $1/card: You raise $4,255

Resell for $5/card: Raise $24,255

10,000 cards cost $910

Resell for $1/card: You raise $9,090

Resell for $5/card: Raise $49,090

20,000 cards cost $1,245

Resell for $1/card: You raise $18,755

Resell for $5/card: Raise $98,755

Store Openings & Re-Openings: When you have a new store opening, increase the excitement and foot traffic by handing out scratch off cards as the people walk into your store. You can hand them out either the day the store opens or the entire week to create additional word of mouth buzz. Scratch cards can be padded into pads of 50 or 100 cards to make it easier to tear off and hand out. Every card is a winner of something - either 5% up to 40% off, a gift card worth $25 up to $100, or you're entered into a 2nd chance drawing for a mini shopping spree!
scratch off cards used as retail promotions
Scratch off cards used by Goodwill to help increase retail sales.
Custom scratch off printing used by Goodwill.
Retail Scratch Off Contests: Run a scratch off promotion on whatever is your slowest sales day of the week. If it's Sunday, hand out cards only on Sundays and watch your foot traffic and revenues sky rocket! Make each card a potential winner - either a % off their next purchase or an entry into a second chance drawing.
custom scratch off tickets used by Goodwill International to help increase sales and foot traffic in their retail stores.
scratch off
Wellness Programs, Employee Incentives & Safety Contests

Our scratch off incentive programs have been featured on MSNBC!   Scratch offs are a fun and effective way to motivate employees and change negative or unsafe behavior patterns.


Employees are handed a scratch off card when their manager witnesses them doing something good.  It can be anything that earns them a card; for example, spending extra time with a customer, having perfect attendance for a week, making or exceeding quota, having a positive attitude, being safe in the workplace, etc.  Whatever issues you have identified  that you want to improve with your workforce, that's what you focus the program on.  Because your employees are immediately rewarded and recognized for their behavior, it acts as a positive reinforcement.  Winning prizes can range from cash to a paid half day off to logo items from your company.   The non-winning cards can be collected and entered into a drawing.  Scratch off promotions start producing results from Day 1!

Try a scratch off once & watch the results you get! Call today, you'll have cards in 1 week: 1.440.333.4302



scratch off cards are the best way to interact with your customer and increase sales scratch off cards make fantastic safety contests and injury prevention programs scratch off incentives will motivate your employees and improve morale and productivity we specialize in designing and printing scratch off cards, custom scratch off promotions and safety incentives scratch off golf cards are the #1 golf fundraiser for charity and corporate golf events

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