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How do you play Fantasy Golf?

Scratch off 18 holes on the card below to see!

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This interactive scratch off card gives you a good idea how to play our printed Fantasy Golf Cards.  It's fun, isn't it?  That's what makes these cards such phenomenal golf fundraisers!  Turth be told, sometimes we over here at Scratch Off Works wish we golfed as well as we scratched off some of these cards :)


How to play: Scratch off one spot on the Fantasy Golf card per hole to reveal your score.  When all 18 holes are scratched off, just add up your score.  The person who reveals the lowest score is the winner!  Every printed card is numbered differently, so no two cards are alike.  Each card is legitimately a potential winner, it just depends which spots you scratch off.  These scratch off golf cards will raise more money than the typical raffle at a tournament.  Fun for golfers, these cards also attract new sponsors.  As a golf fundraiser, Fantasy Golf Cards are simply unbeatable.



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