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Custom scratch off promotions are our specialty.  With over 30 years of experience working with companies and ad agencies around the world, we know what works and how to structure a scratch off contest that is extremely effective. No project is too big or too small for Scratch Off Works!  We have an award winning design team who can create your card for you from start to finish. Our team can offer you suggestions on prizes and how to set up your contest to maximize it's impact.  Our in-house production is streamlined with an emphasis on quality control and quick turnaround, all while keeping within your budget.  And our customer service is the best in the industry!


On this page, you'll find scratch off samples, an endorsement from Bacardi after we completed a custom scratch off trivia game for them that was used as an in-bar experiential promotion, and there's even a video showing how our custom scratch off cards were used on the hit TV show "Let's Make a Deal!"


If you're thinking of doing a custom scratch off, please contact us.  We would love the opportunity to show you what we can do!

By giving your customers a way to interact with your brand, your company immediately sets itself apart from your competition.  Scratch off cards let people physically interact with your company's marketing materials. There's nothing like scratch off cards!  Hand people a scratch off trivia Q&A card and watch their faces light up!  Instantly curious, they read the material, they scratch off the answers they think are correct, and they become educated on your products and company (like the Whole Foods sample shown above).  Or use scratch off cards  to reveal a discount to be used in your store or restaurant ( like the Qdoba sample above).  We can even program unique codes that can be scratched off and entered in a company's online store.

When we say we specialize in custom scratch off printing, it  means anything goes!  We print custom designs, shapes, and  as many different prize versions as you want. We produce custom promotions people remember. With a 30,000 square foot facility, in-house variable data programmers and an award winning design team, whether you want a business size scratch off card or a complex die cut game piece with unique codes, you can be confident knowing the custom scratch offs you receive from us will not only exceed your expectations in quality, but also giving you the results you want to achieve.  Adding a scratch off promotion to your marketing materials will convert to real sales and loyal customers.  Click here to read how Goodwill Industries' sales increased 46% using our custom scratch off cards!

Custom scratch off printing samples:

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Our custom scratch off cards are something we really love doing!  Ask us to get creative and we go into high gear.  When Let's Make A Deal contacted us about creating a custom scratch off game for them that would be used live on air, we were all excited.  What we came up with were die cut signs, flood coated with gold scratch off ink, and topped with red and white scratch off ink numbers.  During the show, 6 of these signs are hung on a board and the contestant is able to pick which ones they want the host to scratch off.  The goal is to get 2 signs that match when scratched off.  What's revealed under the scratch off are different celebrity faces and, if they're lucky, a new car!  The game was a huge hit with the show's fans and we've been producing these each season.

Recommendations for custom scratch off promotions:

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• No quantity minimum for any size card

• No charge for generating variable data

• No charge for multiple prize versions

• No charge for multiple scratch off areas

• No charge for custom scratch off shapes

• No set up fee

• Free graphic design on orders of 500+ cards

• No rush charges for custom scratch off cards

• Quantity: No minimum! Up to 2 million cards

• Size: Any size and any shape

• Popular Sizes: 2.25" x 3.5", 3" x 5", & 4" x 6"

• Prizes: Text, codes, barcodes, graphics

• Any # of prize versions you want

• Variable data printing

• No charge for generating data

• Supply your data or we can generate the data

• Secure scratch off latex ink

• Die cut & perforated

• We print in any language

• UV gloss or matte coating

• Complete graphic design services

• 1 week or less turnaround time


• Guaranteed global shipping with UPS

• Quotes returned within 24 hours


Our ink covers your prizes and data completely and scratches off clean.  Don't cover your prizes and important data with a label that can peel off, be tampered with, or otherwise compromised.  No matter how strong a label is, it can never compare to the security a latex ink offers.



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