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Spring 2019:  Free graphic design for all custom

scratch off cards on orders of 500 cards or more.

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The best scratch off promotions at the best prices.


We have over 30 years of experience in the scratch off industry.  Working with a client base that extends around the world, we know what works, what drives sales, and how to create a scratch off promotion that achieves all your goals.  With an award winning design team and in house variable data/game programming capabilities, we provide turnkey solutions within your budget and on time.  We genuinely care about our clients and will work with you every step of the way.  Working with us will be a truly enjoyable experience!

Superior promotions. Exceptional results.

It's all within your budget!

We began as a family printing business over 30 years ago, providing our clients with top notch printing and promotions.  Over the years, we have grown into a world class scratch off promotions agency, with a client base that spans the globe. We have built a reputation for producing the most innovative and effective promotions, offering the highest quality contests, and bringing our customers creative marketing solutions you won’t find anywhere else...all at a price that fits your budget.

Scratch Off Works is still run by the founding family.   You talk, we listen.  And then we go to work for you - we love our customers and go above and beyond with each project to make you happy.  Our award winning team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals on budget and always on time.  You won’t find better or more personal customer service anywhere in the industry.  Contact us for a free sample kit of scratch offs at

All scratch offs are created equal, right?  Not at all!  Many companies use labels to cover prizes, PIN numbers, and variable data.  The problem with this is that these are stickers which are not completely secure.  They have the risk of peeling off if the weather is too hot or cold, and they are susceptible to tampering.  Labels also come in a limited number of sizes and shapes and they don't always scratch off clean, regardless if you're using your finger or a coin.  We do not use labels.  The material we use is a latex ink that is 100% opaque so it completely conceals the prizes printed beneath it.  The material adheres directly to the paper so it will not peel off.  It comes off clean, with no residue on your fingers. Most importantly, our ink reduces the risk of tampering...and you can have custom shapes and sizes!


Please call us if you would like to see samples of our scratch off printing!

Scratch offs are revolutionizing the golf industry.


If you have a problem you want to solve or a goal to achieve, we have solutions!  We work with the golf industry, specifically for charity and corporate golf tournaments who fundraise at their events and want to get their name and cause known to a wider base.  Faced with this objective, we came up with a proprietary scratch off golf card utilizing variable data programming and a game theme that fulfills these goals. Fantasy Golf scratch off cards are fun for the events and they raise money quickly!  They're a fundraiser golfers love to play and the sponsors enjoy being involved in. The scratch off golf cards can be ordered generic (same day shipping) or customized for your charity and company (shipping in 1 week or less).

scratch off

Scratch off ink vs. labels. Does it matter?

In a word...absolutely!